2407Cycle was first started when a group of mates were sitting around talking about how much they used to like to ride a bike 24 hours a day, 7 days week and the fact they all had missed getting out in the fresh air and the evening breeze because the cost to cycle had got ridiculous.

It was pointed out by one of the crew that Cycle Shorts and Cycle Gloves were retailing for 3 times the price they were 20 years ago so his family had hung their bikes up in the garage where they were left to gather dust.

We set out to do some  research and it was found out the prices didn’t need to be so high and it was just retailers making greedy margins or distributors themselves making a hefty markup so the dream begun of bringing low priced cycle gear to New Zealand at a competitive price.

It was decided that by e-tailing with a superfast delivery service that was second to none we could not only keep prices down but our customers wouldn’t have to wait long to receive their goods.

This was a genius idea and not only did it allow mum and dad to enjoy their favourite past time but equally by sourcing kids products to thus  making it something the entire family could enjoy together.

Let the family fun begin !